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2 Lions & 3 Jaguars 26th April 2008

The Department of Veterinary Services had been notified by us days ahead by fax of the expected date of the arrival of a specific trailer with birds & animals.

They had also been notified by Germany via TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System), that the animals had left Germany and were destined for Cyprus. They had many days ahead of them to stop the delivery for what ever reason. They did not do this; just a few hours before their arrival when the vessel was outside of Paphos the Department sent a fax at 21.00 stating that the lions & jaguars could not come to Cyprus.
We can imagine that it cost the state a lot of money for all the directors/management of the Department of Veterinary Services to come to work on Good Friday from the morning up until the evening when they sent us the fax and spoke to us on the phone to make a decision that could have been done days before and with one simple phone call.
The actions that the Department of Veterinary Services decided to take cost our business thousands of pounds as we had been left with the costs of the purchase of the animals, their transport here and then back and for the costs for making the holdings that they were to be put in. With their actions they killed one of the Jaguars and put all other 4 animals through the highest risk of dying. The media across Europe reported to a large degree as to what caused the episode in Cyprus.


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